Nikola K. Kasabov

Professor Nikola K Kasabov is a Life Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Fellow of the INNS College of Fellows, DVF of the Royal Academy of Engineering UK. He has Doctor Honoris Causa from Obuda University, Budapest. He is the Founding Director of KEDRI and Professor at Auckland University of Technology and director of Knowledge Engineering Ltd. He is also Visiting Professor at IICT Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Dalian University, China and Honorary Professor at the University of Auckland NZ and Peking University in Shenzhen.

Kasabov has been tiwce President of the Asia Pacific Neural Network Society (APNNS, 1997 and 2008) and the International Neural Network Society (INNS, 2009-2010). He has been a chair and a member of several technical committees of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE (2012-2014). He is the Editor of Springer Handbook of Bio-Neuroinformatics, EiC of Springer Series of Bio-and Neuro-systems and co-EiC of the Springer journal Evolving Systems. Kasabov holds MSc in computer engineering and PhD in mathematical sciences from TU Sofia, Bulgaria. His main research interests are in the areas of neural networks, intelligent information systems, soft computing, neuroinformatics. He has published more than 700 publications, highly cited internationally. He has extensive academic experience at various academic and research organisations in Europe and Asia, including: TU Sofia Bulgaria; University of Essex UK; University of Otago, NZ; Shanghai Jiao Tong University and CASIA Beijing; ETH/University of Zurich; University of Trento, Italy; University of Kaiserslautern, Germany and other. Kasabov has received a number of awards, among them: INNS Ada Lovelace Meritorious Service Award; NN journal Best Paper Award for 2016; APNNA ‘Outstanding Achievements Award’; INNS Gabor Award for ‘Outstanding contributions to engineering applications of neural networks’; EU Marie Curie Fellowship; German DAAD Fellowship; Bayer Science Innovation Award NZ; APNNA Excellent Service Award;  RSNZ Science and Technology Medal; Innovator of the year, NZ; AUT NZ Medal; Medal “Bacho Kiro” and Honorary Citizen of Pavlikeni, Bulgaria; Honorary Member of the Bulgarian-, the Greek- and the Scottish Societies for Computer Science.

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