Hassle free travel

Having the right passport and visa organised is the key to a trouble-free entry for delegates into New Zealand - APPLY EARLY! 

New Zealand's immigration requirements

We enjoy welcoming visitors to New Zealand and we'd like to think that when you come here that you have an experience to remember-but for the right reasons. So if you're coming to New Zealand, it's a good idea to make sure you have everything ready.

When you arrive in New Zealand, you'll need to be carrying a passport that is valid for at least three months beyond your intended departure date. Many people will qualify for visa-free entry, but depending on your country of origin, some will need to apply for a visa before they travel.

Do you need a visa or permit?

Before you book your travel to New Zealand - please check these links carefully and allow at least 6 weeks to ensure your application is processed in time for your departure date.

Note: You may not be allowed to board your flight to New Zealand if you do not have a valid passport, the right visa or NZeTA. This includes visitors from Australia.


Visa Waiver Visitor Visa

People from visa waiver countries can visit New Zealand for short periods without first applying for a visa but, from 1 October 2019, you must hold an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).   Check here to see visa waiver countries:



NZ Covid Response - International Travel Requirements

Travellers and crew do not need pre-departure tests or proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter New Zealand. Please check with your airline or cruise provider as they may still require proof of vaccination.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms when you arrive in New Zealand by air, we encourage you to take a rapid antigen test (RAT).

You can get free RATs at the airport, please take some.

Please report a positive test result by calling:

  • 0800 432 010 — if you are calling from a New Zealand phone number
  • +64 9 954 6118 — if you are using an international SIM card. Check with your phone provider as there may be charges.

For updated Covid-19 travel guidelines please visit the NZ Covid response page below:

COVID-19 and travelling in New Zealand